The Washington Redskins placed offensive tackle Trent Williams on the reserve/non-football injury list on Thursday, which effectively ended his season before it started. There do remain questions about his future, however, and if there is anything the team can do to make Williams want to stay in Washington.

The seven-time Pro Bowler had been away from the team for almost five months due to the Redskins' handling of a recent medical situation, but returned to Redskins Park at the trade deadline. JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reported that Williams said he had a growth pop up roughly six years ago, and that the team declared it was minor. That growth ended up being classified as a rare form of cancer, dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP). Williams had the growth removed earlier this offseason, but the situation was extremely serious. The fact that the Redskins' medical staff let this situation escalate led to his distrust of the team doctors

Now, the Redskins have requested for a third party to investigate how Williams was cared for medically, but that doesn't mean much to Williams

"If I felt like they were genuine, I'd be all for it," Williams told USA Today. "They're not doing it to find out what went wrong. They're doing it to cover their butts."

"Mine isn't the only situation they got wrong. There are a lot of situations they could have looked into. Why didn't they do it before now? Why didn't they do it in [quarterback] Colt [McCoy's] case? And they keep putting out these false reports. That's never helpful. I just feel like regardless of what the findings of the investigation are, they're going to try to find a way to paint me negatively and make themselves look better."

There's no doubt that the Redskins' medical staff has struggled when it comes to fixing up players and getting them back onto the field in a timely manner. McCoy needed multiple procedures for his broken fibula, running back Derrius Guice now has more knee surgeries than NFL games played and while Alex Smith's injury was incredibly serious, it's hard to fathom that he really required 17 operations.  

When Williams spoke with reporters for the first time last week, he was firm, but refused to say that he was done with the Redskins. In speaking with USA Today this week, however, he admitted he "had a lot of anger" about this situation, and feels like it's probably time to move on.

"I feel like everything has run its course," Williams said. "I mean, I do want to play football still and I'm not a free agent until after the 2020 season, so who knows. But the bridge has definitely been burned, and any efforts now, basically are, in my opinion, pretty much just CYA [cover your ass]."

This saga will continue into next offseason, where it seems likely that the Redskins will move the disgruntled offensive lineman.