Troy Aikman: 'odds are they are going to need Romo'

Dak Prescott is playing at a high level for the Dallas Cowboys, and many believe that puts franchise quarterback Tony Romo as the odd man out.

Slated to return in either Week 8 or Week 9, Romo has fully healed per his latest MRI and is back on the practice field in a very limited capacity. He's back to throwing and reportedly with good velocity, which means his return is soon to come.

This is something many do not want to see happen as Prescott has the team at 5-1 and is not just the hot hand, he could melt steel.

So it stands to logic Cheese was no issue when he helped lead the Cowboys to the biggest win of the young season against the Packers, and essentially removing any doubt if he's the next franchise QB for the club.

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Hall of Famer and Troy Aikman agrees he is, but says pump the brakes on talks of trading Romo or outright doing away with the four-time pro bowler. Aikman believes you stick with the rookie for now, but his emphasis is on for now.

"I don't think you can disrupt the momentum this team has," Aikman said, via SportsDay. "When you have it, you ride it. Odds are they are going to need Romo at some point this season whether they start him or not. When Bill Belichick decided to stick with Tom Brady at quarterback, Drew Bledsoe had to come in the AFC championship game against Pittsburgh to help win that big game...To put Romo out there with the way this team is playing, I just know from experience, these are runs that don't come around very often. I wouldn't self-inflict any punishment to keep that from happening."

Aikman seems to understand what many don't, which is the simple fact the Cowboys have two franchise QBs now whereas other clubs don't even have one.

"The Cowboys got a franchise quarterback in Tony Romo, who was undrafted," Aikman said. "And it appears they have a franchise quarterback who they drafted in the fourth round."

As far as the age old wisdom from legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry that a player can't lose his job due to injury?

Aikman scoffs at the idea.

"I'm not a believer in that," Aikman told America. "Never have been."

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