Troy Aikman was 'surprised' Cowboys didn't draft Johnny Manziel

Troy Aikman was 'surprised' Jerry Jones didn't draft Johnny Manziel.
Troy Aikman was 'surprised' Jerry Jones didn't draft Johnny Manziel despite having Tony Romo. (USATSI)

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It's lost in the offseason maw of Johnny Manziel mania but there was a brief moment when the Cowboys sat there in the 2014 NFL Draft with Manziel on the board, and Jerry Jones with a opportunity to snap the Internet over his knee like a pitching wedge.

The world was disappointed when Jerry Jones opted for the safe pick with Zach Martin. But it wasn't a pipe dream: Troy Aikman knows Cowboys quarterbacks and Jerry Jones about as well as anyone and he was "a little surprised" when Jerrah didn't pull the trigger.

“I thought there was a real good chance if he fell to the Cowboys’ pick that he would take him,” Aikman said. “I understand why they didn’t. It would have certainly added a lot of excitement around here, but I don’t think it would have been best for the club, certainly not in the short term. There’s a lot of other needs, as we saw last year, that this team has, so it was probably the right thing not taking him, but I was a little surprised.

"I think that had to have been a difficult decision for Jerry."

Jones claimed after the draft he never really considered drafting Manziel. But there was way too much smoke surrounding a connection of John F. Football and Dallas before the draft.

Clearly Jones like the idea of grabbing the quarterback, even with Tony Romo and his nightmare contract sitting on the books. Manziel's personality and entertainment factor had to be interesting.

But Jones made a smart move, drafted a lineman and the Browns landed Manziel.

Since then, the offseason's been a complete blur. Every new day brings a new Manziel story and new questions about whether the rookie is focused enough, etc.

You have to wonder whether or not Jones might be a little jealous of the headlines.

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