Watch Now: Roger Goodell Encourages NFL Teams To Sign Colin Kaepernick (2:36)

With each passing day, the NFL wraps its arms even more around the idea that Colin Kaepernick deserves a chance to resume his playing career. After commissioner Roger Goodell said he "welcomes" a team signing the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who hasn't played since 2016, league executive Troy Vincent has essentially done the same, telling "The Adam Schefter Podcast" that many NFL personnel believe Kaepernick is talented enough to return, and that the league office wants him back in the game.

"It's a club decision," said Vincent, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations. "But this young man is talented enough to play in the National Football League. I believed that back in 2016 -- whenever it was, 2016 or 2017 -- and I still believe that today. And he just hasn't had the opportunity to display his talents once again, whether it was in camp or preseason. That's always been my position -- and many of my colleagues' position, frankly, (and) the commissioner's office's position.

"But we can't hire," Vincent continued. "And again, my comments that I've just made, they've been documented on the record, in front of a judge, about the work and the efforts that many of us, we're working on behalf of looking for Colin to land a spot."

Talk of a potential Kaepernick return to the NFL has picked up steam in recent days. Super agent Drew Rosenhaus recently predicted the ex-Niners QB will find a new home for the 2020 season, while Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who hosted Kaepernick for a workout in 2017, said he's already gotten an inquiry about the QB from another team. With a number of teams, as well as the NFL as a whole, committing to fight issues that Kaepernick raised with his famous but polarizing peaceful protests years ago, there could be a handful of logical landing spots for the QB ahead of the new season.