NFL: NFL Draft

It's not often that a player wears a game jersey to a press conference during training camp, but that's exactly what happened on Thursday with Tua Tagovailoa, and the twist here is that the jersey wasn't even his. 

For the first time since the NFL Draft, Tua met with the media, and when he showed up for his Zoom meeting, he was wearing a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey, and he definitely made sure to let everyone know that he was wearing a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey. 

If you like pictures better than videos, then you can see a still shot of the jersey below. 

The fact that Tua is comfortable enough to wear a Fitzpatrick jersey is definitely good news for the Dolphins, because it seems to mean that both quarterbacks understand their role in Miami. Although there will be ostensibly be a quarterback competition during camp, both guys seem to understand that Fitzpatrick will almost certainly be the Week 1 starter with Tua taking over whenever the team thinks he's ready. 

Fitzpatrick has already done multiple interviews this offseason, and in every interview he says the same thing: He's Tua's biggest cheerleader. 

"I don't know how much time it will be before Tua is in the lineup, but I know I'm the placeholder. We've had that conversation," Fitzpatrick said at the beginning of training camp. "Whenever Tua gets his chance I will be his biggest cheerleader. I think I have a unique perspective because of the career I've had."

When a quarterback knows he's going to be replaced by a rookie at some point, it can lead to some animosity in the QB room. If you need proof of that, just look at the Ravens in 2018. There's no way Joe Flacco would have ever acted this cordial to Lamar Jackson, and there's a good chance you'll never hear Aaron Rodgers say he's Jordan Love's "biggest cheerleader." 

Fitzpatrick and Tua have apparently already turned into close friends. Although the two have only been around each other for a few weeks, the former Alabama quarterback says he's already learned a lot from the NFL veteran. 

"That saying goes true. It says, 'if you want to get somewhere fast, you go alone. But if you want to do it with purpose, you bring people with you,' Tua said Thursday. "And I think Fitz has done a tremendous job at trying to shape and mold me."

Fitzpatrick and Tua are so comfortable with each other that two actually had a Zoom meeting this week where the rookie met Fitzpatrick's kids. The last time we saw a relationship like this between a first-round pick and the quarterback he was soon going to replace probably came in 2017 when Alex Smith served as a mentor for Patrick Mahomes. If the situation in Miami works out anything like the situation in Kansas City, then the Dolphins are going to be set at quarterback for years to come.