Believe it or not, Tim Tebow and Tua Tagovailoa actually have a lot in common. When it comes to playing football, they were both highly successful in college while playing in the SEC, they were both a first-round pick in the NFL and they're both left-handed. 

As a matter of fact, when Tua makes his first career start in Week 9, he'll become the first left-handed quarterback to start a game since 2015. During an interview with ESPN on Wednesday, Tebow gave some insight into what it's like to be a left-handed QB in the NFL while also offering some advice for the Dolphins new quarterback. 

According to Tebow, being a lefty in the NFL isn't always easy, because there's almost always an adjustment period for players and coaches. 

"I think I used it as a mindset of an advantage," Tebow said of being left-handed. "Schematically, with your coaches and your receivers, it might be a slight disadvantage, not enough where I would actually worry about it, but it's enough where your receivers have to get used to it. When there's offensive line and defensive line running around your quarterback and you're throwing a slant pattern or a crossing route, they kind see it coming from a certain place. So, receivers have to get used to it coming from a different angle and a different place when they're looking back at the quarterback."

Although Tebow hasn't played in the NFL since 2012, he has been covering football, and based on what he's seen, he's been highly impressed with the former Alabama quarterback. 

"I've seen every game Tua's played in college," Tebow said. "I think what gives Tua an advantage has nothing to do with which hand he throws it with, it has to do with the way he throws it. I think he's the most pure thrower of the football I have ever seen on the college level and I've had a chance to watch a lot of really good ones and it's not to take anything away from those guys."

Apparently, Tua has the ability to do the kinds of things that we usually only see from Patrick Mahomes

"Tua has a special gift to throw the football from different angles, to throw it with velocity, but also, so catchable, on time and in rhythm," Tebow said. "He just has a unique feel and gift and it is incredible to watch him. He will go through practices and warm-ups where it doesn't even come close to being an incomplete pass. Every ball will be right on the money."

When Tua takes the field in Week 9, he'll be trying to eventually do something that no left-hander has done since Tebow: Win an NFL playoff game. 

With Tua's career getting set to lift off, Tebow offered some advice for his fellow lefty. 

"My piece of advice to Tua is continue to do what you've done your entire life that's made you different and made you special," Tebow said. "Yeah, sure, a piece of that is being left-handed, so you're awesome, Tua, but what makes you even more awesome is the type of person you that are, the way you care for people, the way you lead your team. It's yes, you throw an amazing pass and you're a great competitor and you were great in clutch moments, but what set him apart -- and why I think he has a chance to be great in the NFL -- is because he's not just an elite passer, he's not just an elite quarterback, he's an elite person."

The Dolphins will be hoping that all that eliteness translates to the field. Tua's first start will be coming on Nov. 1 when the Dolphins host the Los Angeles Rams in Week 9.