Turns out, Jermaine Gresham's random acts of kindness aren't so random after all

Jermaine Gresham made news in May when he noticed a fellow airline passenger was unable to pay the $50 checked-bag fee. Instead of watching her miss her flight, the Cardinals tight end covered the cost, no questions asked.

"I'm crying as I write this and as I board the flight," Delilah Cassidy recounted on Twitter at the time. "This man was an angel. I stop him as he's sitting in first class and try to give him my money but he just shook me off and told me to pay it forward."

"I just feel like it's just how I was raised," Gresham said recently, according to ESPN.com's Josh Weinfuss. "Core values. You see somebody in distress, just help them out. Nothing more, nothing less."

Turns out, Gresham's random act of kindness wasn't so random; he's been doing it for years. Once news of what Gresham had done for Cassidy went viral, other people came forward to tell of how chance encounters with the tight end had affected them.

Gresham's generosity extends all the way back to his home state of Oklahoma, where he also played for the Sooners.

There are countless other stories like this about Gresham but Matt Wideman, who was at the impromptu pizza party funded by Gresham, perhaps puts it best.

"As I'm older and I see how people truly are, it's really kind of mind-blowing in some ways," Wideman told Weinfuss. "Because here's a guy, a multimillionaire, coming to a party for two hours, buying a bunch of kids pizza, and for really no reason other than making sure they get home safe. It's almost like an astronaut coming to your high school."

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