Twitter is very skeptical of Martellus Bennett's rapid recovery with Patriots

The Martellus Bennett injury saga that has played out over the past few weeks has been a perplexing and curious one, to say the least.

On Sunday night, Bennett suited up for the Patriots and caught three passes on just seven snaps against the Broncos. This came just days after the tight end was waived by the Green Bay Packers for failing to disclose a serious shoulder injury when he signed a three-year, $21 million contract with the team in the offseason. 

Bennett claims he was upfront about the shoulder issue all along and that the Packers -- specifically team doctor Patrick McKenzie -- tried to push him to play through the injury even after it got worse. 

Several Packers players (including Aaron Rodgers) quickly came to the defense of McKenzie and the rest of the medical staff, saying that they're always cautious when it comes to letting injured players take the field.

According to Bennett, he was set on getting surgery to repair the ailment (and considering retirement) so the Packers decided to release him. He informed other teams of his intentions to dissuade them from claiming him -- at least until one particular team came calling.

Once the Patriots showed interest, Bennett says his mindset shifted. The tight end won a Super Bowl in New England last season, and they seemingly had the power to get him to not only change his mind about surgery, but get him back on the field immediately. 

If this all seems a bit peculiar and convenient for you, you're not alone. It's especially shady considering the Packers' struggles since Aaron Rodgers' injury and how well the Patriots have played recently ... even without significant contributions from the backup tight end spot.

Several people have likened this saga to the Pats' situation with LeGarrette Blount, who enjoyed a nice season in New England before signing a three-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014. When Blount ran into some issues in Pittsburgh, the team waived him and he immediately returned to the Patriots, where he once again saw success. 

Can it be chalked up to Bill Belichick knowing how to handle and get the most out of his guys? Is Bennett just more willing to play through pain if it means he's catching balls from Tom Brady? Or is it a case of lying to escape a less-than-ideal situation and just another example of the Patriots finding a way to manipulate the system and exploit some gray area for their own personal gain? 

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that many people are automatically jumping to the latter scenario.

Former Packers wide receiver Tom Crabtree chimed in with particularly straightforward thoughts on the matter.

Either way, Bennett is back on the field and he's producing. That serious injury that had him on the verge of retirement in Green Bay is now an afterthought in New England, and it's not surprising that it's got plenty of people worked up. Now, it'll be interesting to see where the situation goes from here, as the Packers are looking to get back the signing bonus they gave to Bennett this offseason. 

Divorces can get quite messy and expensive, and maybe Bennett will have to fork over a significant check. But for now, the tight end has rebounded with an old flame in record time, so how long will the honeymoon stage last?

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