The 9-1 New England Patriots will host to the 6-4 Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Cowboys were preparing for the matchup at practice on Wednesday when a reporter noticed something different on the roof of a facility building: a person.

Twitter immediately made jokes about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Spygate. 

For those who (somehow) missed Spygate, it was the name given to the 2007 cheating scandal over the Patriots allegedly stealing defensive signals from other teams in the early 2000s. Belichick was handed a $500,000 fine as punishment, which at the time was the largest fine ever given to a coach in league history and the maximum amount allowed. New England was also fined $250,000 and its first-round selection in the NFL Draft was taken away. 

It has been a few years since the topic has made headlines, but the fans have not forgotten and will take any chance they can to joke about the whole thing. Twitter being Twitter ... that's exactly what people did over the mysterious "person on roof" at Cowboys practice -- which conveniently happened ahead of the team facing the Patriots. 

Here are some more of the best tweets:

This person used FBI-level skills to identify the suspect. 

Some pointed out that you would think after all these years the Patriots would learn to be a bit more subtle about it. 

There was an overwhelming number of Belichick gifs in response to the original photos.

Another person flipped the script on Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, saying there's not much for the Patriots to take. 

Batman is out here asking the safety questions: Maybe the person was security. 

Like clockwork.

Some avoided the Spygate 2.0 jokes that are now flooding the reporter's mentions, and went with some fantastic pop culture references instead. 

Of course, there was a Houston Astros sign-stealing reference.

So the whole thing is likely innocent, but memes, gifs and jokes are a lot funnier. 

The Patriots are coming off a win over the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cowboys enter the game following a win against the Detroit Lions