Twitter nominates Jalen Ramsey for an Oscar after ridiculous flop from Taylor Lewan head-butt

The Jaguars got completely decimated by the Titans on Thursday night in a 30-9 rout that eliminated them from the playoffs. It was the punctuation mark on a brutal year for a Jaguars team that came into the season with high expectations, but even though the defense gave up 238 yards and four touchdowns to Derrick Henry it at least walked off the field with dignity.

Or maybe not.

Taylor Lewan may have the strongest head-butt in the world, or he hit Jalen Ramsey so quickly that it was impossible to see with the naked eye. Or maybe ... just maybe ... Ramsey flopped.

It's been a bad year for Ramsey, who kicked off the season by evaluating nearly every NFL quarterback. The Jaguars, who played in last year's AFC Championship Game, expected to be in a position for Ramsey to back up the talk. They weren't.

Ramsey was summarily destroyed for the flop.

This season was obviously supposed to look a lot different for the Jaguars, but it's too late to fix this year's team. All they can do now is look ahead to next season. Step No. 1: Learn to sell your flops a little better.

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