Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers did not exactly have his best game on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs. The 37-year-old threw four interceptions in LA's 24-17 loss, including a crucial one in the end zone at the end of the game. Rivers is now at seven interceptions in the last two games, which is not a stat you want to have. 

The loss to their AFC West opponents put the Chargers at 4-7 and the Chiefs now sit at 7-4 with the win. The loss had people questioning what the future is for Rivers and if maybe he is closer to retirement than many originally thought. 

Rivers had questionable passes and failed blocked attempts that had the internet buzzing about his performance. 

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions from the night:

If you missed the game but want to watch one video to summarize how things went for Rivers, this would be the video. 

Another summary of the game is these two photos and just one word, "brutal."

All seven of the Chargers losses have come by just seven points or less, causing clear frustration in the organization and with their fans.

The way the game was going for Rivers you just had to know it was going to come down to an interception with the game on the line.

We're sorry for laughing at this one Philip.

At one point in the game Rivers tried to execute a block but he uhh... did not do it successfully, to put it kindly.

Here's another look at that very sad blocking attempt:

The photo series is somehow even more sad. 

Of course people on social media immediately made comparisons about what his block looked like and they did not put it as kindly as I did. 

I've said it before I'll say it again, there's a SpongeBob meme for everything. 

People started comparing Rivers to New York Giants (now backup) quarterback Eli Manning after another unimpressive performance on offense. 

So many people were comparing the two QBs that Manning was a trending topic during MNF, despite not being on either team or taking an NFL snap in months.

Giants fans came to their two-time Super Bowl champion's defense, however. One fan tweeted for the first time ever despite having a five year old account. Defending Eli was finally the topic he felt he needed to weigh in on after all these years of a blank account.

Rivers and the Chargers have a lot of film to look at before they face another divisional opponent in the Denver Broncos following their upcoming bye week.