Twitter says Brock Osweiler's contract is the worst deal ever

The Texans probably can't get a refund on Brock Osweiler's contract at this point, but maybe they should ask for one anyway.

The Texans quarterback, who signed a four-year, $72 million deal with the team in March, got outplayed by a rookie on Thursday night in New England. The part that probably hurts Texans fans the most is that Osweiler got outplayed by a rookie who's only making $26,000 per week.

That number is 10 times less than what Osweiler will pull in per week this season.

After watching Osweiler lead the Texans to zero points through three quarters against the Patriots, Twitter unloaded on the Texans quarterback, and let's just say they weren't complimenting him.

Funny that the guy above brought up trash because that and garbage seemed to be most popular comparisons for Osweiler.

If Texans fans are saying things like this when the team is 2-1, things aren't going to be pretty if Houston happens to go on an extended losing streak.

Anyway, the big winner here is Jacoby Brissett. The Patriots rookie quarterback looked so good on Thursday night that in four years the Texans will probably give him the same deal Osweiler got.

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