Twitter's salty reaction to Jeff Fisher's new deal, stacks him up against Bill Belichick

Jeff Fisher, who entered Sunday's game with a 31-43-1 since becoming the Rams coach in 2012, reportedly signed a two-year contract extension because ... well, we have no idea.

For an idea of just how bad Fisher has been, consider this: He has never had a winning season in St. Louis, and now Los Angeles, and Fisher's teams have a .430 winning percentage, 26th in the league since 2012. Just as depressing: The Rams' point differential from 2012-2015 is -145 (it has been negative each season), and that ranks 25th in the league.

Fisher's Rams trail the Patriots 17-0 at halftime of Sunday's Week 13 game, and look very much like a team that has no plans to show up in the second half, which has been a recurring theme when Fisher matches wits with Bill Belichick.

Through it all, Fisher remains gainfully employed, despite overwhelming evidence that suggests he should've been fired a long time ago. But in light of the news that Fisher isn't going anywhere, Twitter was particularly salty on Sunday.


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It might be natural to think that Fisher deserves to be on the ol' hot seat. But that's not the case, according to team COO Kevin Demoff.

"Everybody will want to judge Jeff through the prism of just the record, but that's totally unfair when you look at the set of circumstances he was handed this year," Demoff said this week, via "It was different than any team in the NFL."

OK, fine, but what about the four previous years? And then there are Fisher's remarks from training camp.

"I'm not f---ing going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7 ... we have too much talent here for that," Fisher said during an episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks." "We had some 7-9 s--t this morning and we can't have that. ... That is 7-9 bulls--t and we don't need it."

The Rams will be 4-8 when they lose to the Patriots. Fisher and his $7 million salary ranks fourth behind only Sean Payton, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. One of these things is not like the other.

In related news: If you're so inclined, you can keep up with all the Rams' futility by following them with the GameTracker.

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