Two 49ers players held at gunpoint in San Francisco during attempted robbery

Two 49ers players were able to escape unharmed after being held at gunpoint in an attempted robbery on Monday. 

After flying back from the team's road trip to Washington on Sunday, linebackers Ray-Ray Armstrong and Reuben Foster decided to hit up a local nightclub in San Francisco. According to a police report obtained by, Foster noticed a suspicious vehicle driving around the club just before 2 a.m. Monday, which made him feel like "he was going to be robbed."

At that point, the two players decided they were going to leave the club, so they tracked down a security guard and asked to be walked to their vehicles. Foster even took some extra precaution before heading to his car by handing off his valuables to a friend at the club. 

Foster's suspicions about the car turned out to be correct. 

As the two two teammates were being taken to their vehicles, two masked men -- who were carrying an assault rifle and a handgun -- started to approach the 49ers teammates, and the club security guard. At that point, Foster and Armstrong decided to run, and both were able to escape without being harmed or robbed. 

The two players ended up at a local hotel where they called police. 

"We are aware of the reports regarding the robbery and very thankful no one was harmed," the 49ers said in a statement. "Reuben and Ray-Ray have been, and will continue to be, cooperative with any further police investigation."

A veteran cop in the San Francisco area told Mission Local that the two players smartly handled the situation. 

"They did the right thing," An SFPD veteran said. "They were smart enough to have the security guard escort them to their car. But you don't want to take on [high-powered weaponry]. Better to get out of there."

The two men who tried to pull off the attempted robbery were able to escape and still haven't been apprehended. Both Armstrong and Foster are expected the play when the 49ers host the Cowboys on Sunday. 

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