If the Texans need to move their regular season opener out of Houston, it looks like the team will have some options. 

Two different cities have stepped forward and offered to host the Texans' Week 1 game against the Jaguars if it can't be played in Houston. Although NRG Stadium avoided any major damage from Hurricane Harvey, hosting a game in Houston might not be easy. For one, the city would have to devote considerable gameday resources -- like police, firemen and emergency personnel -- to the stadium that might take away from hurricane recovery. 

Not to mention, the NFL would also need to know that 70,000 people can safely get to NRG Stadium and back home for the Sept. 10 game. 

The Texans have insisted the game won't be moved, but if things change, Jaguars owner Shad Khan said on Wednesday that his team would be more than happy to swap home dates and play Week 1 in Jacksonville.   

"The Jacksonville Jaguars will support whatever scheduling decision the NFL makes," Khan said in a statement. "What's most important to me and everyone in Jacksonville isn't where we'll play the Texans on Week 1, but that the City of Houston and its people recover quickly, safely and successfully."

If the Texans were to take the Jaguars up on their offer, that means the two would play their Week 1 game in Jacksonville, and then play their Week 15 game in Houston. That potential switch would mean that the Jaguars would close the season with three straight road games. 

If the Texans wanted to make a switch closer to home, San Antonio is also willing to help. The city's director of the convention and sports facilities department, Michael Sawaya, told the Houston Chronicle that the Texans would be welcome to play at the Alamodome. 

"The Alamodome has not been contacted about the possibility of moving the Texans season opener to the Alamodome, however we have made NRG Stadium management and the Texans aware that we could host the game if they should need to relocate for Sunday, Sept. 10," Sawaya said.

The Alamodome hosted the Saints for three games in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. 

Although Jacksonville and San Antonio have both offered to host the Texans' opener, general manager Rick Smith has made it clear that he wants the game in Houston

"The game is at NRG. It's scheduled to be played at NRG, so it will be played at NRG," Smith said on Wednesday. 

If the game were to move to another city, the Texans aren't scheduled to play at home again until Oct. 1, which would give Houston more than a month to recover from Hurricane Harvey and prepare for hosting an NFL game.