It's been more than 20 years since Joe Montana took part in an NFL game. Still, the Hall-of-Famer and four-time Super Bowl champion continues to feel the effects of his playing career that ended in 1994. To put it simply, 15 years in the NFL took a toll on Montana's body.

The former 49ers and Chiefs quarterback, now 59 years old, recently spoke with USA Today, explaining all of the injuries he still deals with today.

Here's Montana talking about arthritis:

"My hands have been, oh my gosh, in the middle of the night they hurt like crazy."

Here's Montana on his knee, which he said will need to be replaced eventually:

"I can't really run or do much with it."

Here's Montana speaking about his neck (he has already undergone three neck fusions):

"I think I'm headed down the fusion thing again ... The path of a nerve they think is being affected."

Here's Montana addressing the nerve damage in his eye, which he told USA Today is from head trauma:

"It acts like a lazy eye to some degree because every time you're tired, it kind of goes wherever it feels like a little bit. Not dramatic but just enough where you can't read or you have to refocus."

And here's Montana talking about his first back surgery:

"After my first back surgery, what kind of compounds things, is my sciatic nerve has been damaged. So the muscles along my sciatic nerve into my left foot have been numb since '86."

At Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, Montana will perform the opening coin toss. The moment should give fans a chance to honor one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game -- a quarterback who was named Super Bowl MVP on three different occasions and someone who clearly sacrificed his body for 15 years.

"Unfortunately," Montana said, "most of us leave this game with things that linger."

Joe Montana 'can't really run' because of knee problems. (USATSI)