NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will forever have their careers linked because the peaks of each respective career collided around the same time. The latest proof of this comes from a WEEI interview with former Patriots cornerback Ty Law, who was asked a question about Brady but then launched into a funny story about Manning.

Law gets asked if he said anything to Brady the first time he picked the quarterback off in a game after Law was no longer in New England. He then starts to answer what he said, but circles back to tell the hosts of the radio show to explain how Manning would try and learn things about Law's playing style when the two were on the AFC Pro Bowl squad.

While Law insists that it never worked on him, one has to wonder if that strategy worked for anyone else. Surely one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time offering to buy a player as many drinks as he wants is a tempting offer for someone.

The ex-New England defender eventually circled back to answer the question of what he said to Brady after the first pick. Law said the quarterback called him up and asked what he saw.

"I said 'Tom, I've been playing with you for I don't know how long. I know your tendencies out there!'" Law recounts. "First of all, what was you thinking about doing that move that you did to try and throw that shit to me. That was the problem!" 

He then goes on to explain what it was that Brady did that made the pick so easy for him. It's an excellent clip for those interested in how cornerbacks learn to read quarterbacks.

Brady and Law were teammates on the Patriots together for five seasons from 2000-2004. In that span, the two won three Super Bowls together before the cornerback signed with the Jets in 2005, ending his decade-long tenure with New England.