The Seahawks have been a surprise success story this season, parting with franchise great Russell Wilson only to look much better than their former quarterback in 2022. But that doesn't mean Seattle's current players think poorly of Wilson. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett suggested after Sunday's win over the Giants that selflessness is driving the team's hot start. He clarified later, however, after some took his remarks out of context and perceived them as criticism of Wilson, that he meant no such thing.

"People need to stop reaching!" Lockett tweeted Sunday night. "I've said this quote like 5-10 times since I've been in the league. Stop looking for a story and just let us enjoy our team."

Here were Lockett's initial remarks, from Sunday's post-game press conference, when he attributed Seattle's upward trajectory to the team's intangibles: "I think the biggest thing is, it's amazing what we can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit. My high school coach used to always talk about that. ... And when you look at this team that we have, I mean, we have a bunch of guys that are willing to buy in. And you look at the rookie class, like, they probably haven't said 500 words since they've been here. They just put their heads down and work, literally, and they listen, they do whatever you want them to be able to do, and they go out there and they shine each and every week."

Some reporters shared only the first sentence of Lockett's comments, which -- intentionally or not -- suggested the wideout was taking aim at his former QB. Wilson, remember, reportedly had a growing tension with Seattle brass during his final seasons with the team, some of it related to his legacy, and how the Seahawks' roster-building did or did not affect it. By all accounts, however, Lockett and Wilson have been close friends on and off the field for years.