Saturday was set to be a huge day for Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett, with a quality matchup against a depleted Cardinals secondary. Instead it ended in a nightmare as he was carted off following a gruesome lower leg injury on a play where he didn't even get the touchdown he appeared to score.

Lockett went deep for a catch on a throw from Russell Wilson, caught the ball and appeared, initially, to score a touchdown.

But as it turned out, Lockett's lower-leg injury resulted in him being down on the 1-yard line. If you're sure you want to see the graphic injury, you can find it here.

It was one of those injuries where everyone involved in or around the play knew that the injury was serious.

The worst part? Lockett should have had a touchdown except his broken leg was down on the ground and the Seahawks had the ball spotted at the 1-yard line.

They would go for the touchdown four times and come away with zero points. Insult to injury in the worst possible sense.