Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor is set to make just $1.1 million in 2016. Not only does that rank dead last among every NFL starting quarterback, there are 19 backups who'll make more. Yep, according to, Taylor's 2016 salary is good for 51st, just behind Geno Smith and just ahead of Kellen Clemens.

Not exactly the company you want to keep when trying to establish yourself as a legit NFL starter.

In his first season in Buffalo, Taylor completed 63.7 percent of his throws, had a passer rating of 99.4 and tossed 20 touchdowns against just six interceptions. It stands to reason that the 26-year-old would like a long-term contract that is commensurate with his production.

Bills general manager Doug Whaley was asked Thursday about that.

"We want him to be [in Buffalo long term], he wants to be, and time will tell," Whaley told NFL Network. "But we're excited about what he did last year -- he went 8-6 as a starter. There is a lot of excitement around our football team ..."

Yep, 8-6 is pretty good (Taylor missed two starts with an injury), especially for a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 1999.

And just so there's no confusion, Taylor's agent, Adisa Bakari, wants to make sure you know that it wasn't his client's fault that the Bills missed the postseason for the 16th consecutive year. Instead, discipline and defense were to blame because Taylor was exceptional.

These tweets follow comments Bakari made last month about Taylor.

"It's the Bills' prerogative to do what they want to do as it relates to Tyrod Taylor or any other Bills player," Bakari said, via "Fortunately, there are 31 other teams that have watched and will be watching Tyrod. And the fact of the matter is what Tyrod was able to do as a first-time starter in 2015 was give the Bills the best quarterback play they've had since Jim Kelly. If that isn't enough to warrant an extension, I don't know what will be."

Of course, the Bills also gave Taylor a three-year deal last offseason, when he hadn't yet made an NFL start and had just 19 career pass attempts during a four-year stint as Joe Flacco's backup in Baltimore.

It certainly seems reasonable that the Bills would try to keep Taylor, but in the meantime, the team is reportedly kicking the tires on this year's crop of draft-eligible quarterbacks.

According to his agent, the Bills didn't miss the playoffs because of Tyrod Taylor. (USATSI)
According to his agent, the Bills didn't miss the playoffs because of Tyrod Taylor. (USATSI)