David Samson sits down to talk about San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan's latest press conference comments about the Washington Redskins

The 5-0 coach is facing his former team, which only has one win -- against the winless Miami Dolphins -- on Sunday. He was asked about what his favorite part of working with Washington was, to which he replied, "Being able to work with my dad and being around some other good coaches."

What was the worst part about working with the team? "Everything else," Shanahan said, getting laughs from the media and chuckling himself.

Samson decodes the comments and says this was unscripted but had purpose. He said the comments were a direct result of how Shanahan felt about his time working with team owner Daniel Snyder.

Snyder was more of a hands-on owner and Samson said he, "Got involved in all of the football decisions, down to the play calling. Not just personnel, we're talking a different type of meddling."

The "Nothing Personal" host says it can be frustrating when an owner who you are almost positive knows less than you do gets involved and then pretends not to be controlling, as he suggests Snyder did.

Samson is surprised at the comments, saying, "Why would you burn a bridge like that when you know coaches are hired just to be fired?" Samson cites the reasoning for the comments as defending his father and thinks the security in his job allowed Shanahan to believe he could make such a remark. 

He also said it was a way to tell the 49ers how not to handle the owner-coach relationship if you want to be successful in the league.