Undercover cops wearing Packers jerseys at Seahawks opener

You never know who might be a cop these days.
You never know who might be a cop these days. (USATSI)

Seahawks fans are going to be plenty loud and plenty rowdy come Thursday night when the 2014 NFL season kicks off. But anyone who is too rowdy might get arrested. By a Packers fan.

Well, technically it will be an undercover cop, but those guys will be wearing opposing team jerseys once again this year.

"The Seahawks remind all fans attending home games at CenturyLink Field that undercover law enforcement officers will be outfitted in opposing team jerseys," the team said in a statement. "These undercover police officers assist security and game day staff to quickly detect fans exhibiting unruly and inconsiderate behavior."

Incosiderate behavior consists of -- but is not limited to:

  • Disruptive or illegal in nature
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol or substance impairment that results in irresponsible behavior
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field)
  • Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel
  • Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans
  • Verbal or physical harassment of stadium guests and staff members
  • Smoking or tobacco use on CenturyLink Field property

It's a smart thing for the Seahawks to do. You keep rowdy fans from getting excessively aggressive and you do it by making sure they don't harass fans in opposing jerseys.

After all, you never know who might be undercover 5-0.

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