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Stop me if you've heard this before: Tim Tebow is trying to convert to tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. But while he's currently signed to the team on a one-year deal, that doesn't mean he'll make the team. The reality is for all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding Tebow's decision to return from NFL retirement while simultaneously ditching his dreams of ever again being a quarterback, he's still part of a very large roster that includes several other players who are already proficient at playing the position -- the latter being one reason he wasn't invited to the famed "Tight End University."

Many believe the only reason Tebow is on the roster in North Florida is because of Urban Meyer, the newly installed head coach who once led the Florida Gators to two national championships with Tebow. That said, it stands to reason those same believers view Tebow as having an inside track to making the final roster in September, but Meyer is publicly playing the signing right down the middle.

"The tough part is 53 and that's new to me," Meyer told USA Today. "That's the reality of the NFL, that you have 90 players. So to me, he's one of 90. He's a guy that's, you know, what's the difference between him and the other 40 guys trying to make the team? 

"To me, it's all the same. This is their livelihood, this is a job, this is a way to make a living. And the reality is that a good percentage of your roster's gonna get cut or transition out of here, which, to me, that's completely new. In college, you've got your 85, 95 guys and you fit them in and you put the puzzle together. It's much different here."

The truth is, however, that Tebow is not like anyone else on the roster -- hence the rash of headlines.

A former first-round pick of the Denver Broncos, the once highly touted quarterback saw a bit of playoff glory with the assistance of now-retired wide receiver Demaryius Thomas before being traded to the New York Jets in 2012 following the signing of Peyton Manning. The wheels began falling off of his career from that point forward, leading to his retirement after a short stint with the Philadelphia Eagles and initial refusal to try his hand at tight end. Tebow then sought to revive his baseball dreams by signing with the New York Mets and recently retired this offseason, finding his way to a familiar face in Meyer not long thereafter.

Time will tell if Meyer's experiment with Tebow pans out, but the former is at least trying to pretend the latter is just like everybody else heading into training camp -- even though the opposite is true.