Vegas, baby: Raiders file multiple trademarks for 'Las Vegas Raiders'

Another hint as to the possibility of the Raiders long-term location plans came this week after the club filed multiple trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for "Las Vegas Raiders."

A search of the office's website reveals three trademark applications filed for use of the name "Las Vegas Raiders" by The Oakland Raiders Limited Partnership.

The club filed for trademarks for "education and entertainment services," "clothing, footwear and headwear" and an assortment of other memorabilia production (football helmets, clocks, watches, trading cards, etc.).

Does this mean the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas? Not definitely.

As noted by the Tantalizing Trademarks blog -- talk about a micro-niche site! -- the Chargers also filed for the Los Angeles Chargers trademark earlier in the year.

These trademarks were filed on the "intent-to-use" basis, which basically means what it says: they're not using them yet but intend to use them.

There are also, interestingly, a bunch of individuals who filed trademarks for various versions of the Raiders name several months ago.

Someone is squatting on San Antonio Raiders, someone took Southern California Raiders, there's an application for San Diego Raiders and another Las Vegas Raiders. (What an exciting life that must be, sprinting out to file trademark applications on potential names a professional football team moving might use.)

The long-story-short thing here: while this might not mean nothing, it most certainly means something. Las Vegas looks like a viable market (maybe?) for a pro football team and we could see the Raiders make a move there if the money works out right.

Wink of the CBS Eye to Forbes for calling the matter to our attention

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