Vick on Cooper-Williams fight: 'Young dudes don't respect me'

The biggest news coming out of Eagles' practice Thursday wasn't that Chip Kelly's uptempo offense is running on all cylinders ahead of Monday night's season opener against the Redskins, or that the defense has finally learned how to tackle.

Nope, it was that wide receiver Riley Cooper, he of drunken summertime n-word escapades, and Cary Williams, who missed a voluntary workout during the offseason because he had a dental appointment, got in a fight.

Quarterback Michael Vick, who has Kelly to thank for falling in love with the game again, can be seen stepping in front of Williams who then screams in Vick's face.

After practice, Williams wasn't talking but Cooper said the incident had nothing to do with his use of the n-word. 

Vick, meanwhile, was still steaming.

"I try to be the peacemaker, but these young dudes don't respect me," Vick said, via's Les Bowen.

"Our maturity level's gotta be on a whole different plane," Vick continued. "Regardless of who the catalyst was for the whole fight, that doesn't matter. We've gotta be men. We're not guys who are out on the street, fighting one another. We're teammates ... It's game week. We don't have time for that. I don't. It's a distraction."

We eagerly await Donovan McNabb and Andy Roddick's thoughts on the matter.

Vick isn't holding a grudge, though. "Oh, yeah, 20 seconds and that's it," he said of the fight. "Everybody moves on.'

And neither are Cooper and Williams.

For now, we still like the Eagles to surprise the Redskins in the season opener.

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