VIDEO: 29-year-old rookie Robert Gill runs 25 mph on treadmill

When you’re a 29-year-old rookie -- the oldest in the NFL -- trying to make a team’s roster, you have to sell your assets any way that you can.  

That’s why Arizona undrafted wideout Robert Gill from Texas State -- San Marcos is pulling stunts like this one. The former track star-turned-NFL player ran at 25 mph on a treadmill -- from a standing start. 

He’s also been clocked at 4.19 seconds in the 40-yard dash

For a little perspective, let’s turn to, which calculated Usain Bolt’s average speed over his world-record setting 9.58-second, 100-meter sprint in 2009. 

Bolt’s average speed was 23.35 mph, but his maximum speed was clocked at 27.44 mph. 

By any measure, Gill can fly. Given Arizona's anemic offense last season, coach Bruce Arians would likely do well to keep the rook around. 


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