VIDEO: Arian Foster-Marshawn Lynch rivalry highlights Madden 25

The Foster-Lynch rivalry started with high-top fades and Jheri curls. (
It all started in the 1980s with something called a "video game," a love of football, and an intense rivalry between friends Darian Foster and Marshawn Lynch, Sr. And that rivalry -- viewed through prism of Madden -- gave the world two of the NFL's best running backs: Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch.

At least that's the backstory EA Sports is pushing for a Madden franchise that's now 25 years old. Either way, it makes for a fantastic through-the-years look at Foster v. Lynch, including a cameo from a bear (though no tiger or tiger sweat).

It should come as no surprise, then, that Foster and Lynch are among Madden 25's highest-rated running backs.

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