VIDEO: Auburn students sing One Direction song to Cam Newton

Cam Newton seems to enjoy One Direction songs. (YouTube)
Cam Newton seems to enjoy One Direction songs. (YouTube)

February 14 was an interesting day for NFL quarterbacks. Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder spent his Valentine's Day kissing goats. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton didn't get to kiss any goats, but he did get the next best thing: He got serenaded by a young lady singing One Direction. 

While Newton was sitting in class at Auburn, two students from the school's Wesley foundation walked into Newton's classroom and started singing to him. They didn't just sing any song either, they sang One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." 

If there's a better way to spend Valentine's Day than having a One Direction song sang to you in class, don't me about it because I won't believe it because there is no better way. 

Newton must have caught the singing bug because two days later he was singing Katy Perry songs while hosting an awards show on Cartoon Network. 

If you want to skip the small talk in the video below, the singing begins around the 35-second marks. Also, I'm not sure what kind of class this is, but I counted 27 females and two males, so there's that. 

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