VIDEO: Chad Johnson says he'd like to finish career the right way

A few days after close friend Terrell Owens stopped by the jailhouse to visit Chad Johnson, who had been sent there because of an in-court butt-slapping incident, Johnson got a chance to say hello to the world that he re-entered this week.

That’s because Johnson made an appearance Tuesday on Good Morning America, where he asked for a second chance to rejoin the NFL.

"Many would say I might not deserve it,” Johnson told GMA host Robin Roberts. “I would like to finish my career the right way. I don't want the last thing to be remembered, 'Well, Chad was cut from the Dolphins for an incident he had with his wife.' I would love to grace the football field one more time and to help some team. I'm not injured; there is nothing wrong with me. I've learned my lesson, especially after those past seven days. If it doesn’t happen, life goes on."

Johnson spent those last seven days in jail after a judge in Florida decided to throw out the plea bargain that would have kept Johnson out of confinement following a probation violation from his domestic violence incident (TMZ has released pictures of what it says are Evelyn Lozada's wounds from that incident). Instead, Johnson slapped his lawyer’s butt during a court proceeding, and the judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail before cutting it short Monday.

So, Johnson now is available to be signed by any team that would want him.

But you’ll recall that Johnson hasn’t played much effective football in the past two seasons after leaving Cincinnati. He caught 15 passes in 15 games in 2011 during his time in New England, and he was cut in the preseason with Miami last year after a domestic incident with his then-wife.

From that aspect -- and the fact he’s 35 years old -- Johnson, legal issues aside, might not be all that attractive to NFL general managers and coaches.

Johnson, though, has said he’s learned a lesson from his courtroom misstep.

“That’s the way I’ve always interacted throughout life in general,” Johnson said. “I know there’s a certain thing called courtroom etiquette, which I’ve never been a part of before. It was a light tap. It wasn’t in any way to disrespect the courtroom. I didn’t think anybody would see it, because it was my third time doing so.”

For the record, Johnson’s attorney, Chad Swickle, said he wasn’t surprised with the butt-tap, because they’re apparently close. But Johnson also said he supported the decision the judge made in giving him the sentence because he figures she was trying to get him to slow down in life and to be more mature.

“I felt it was right of her to sentence me to 30 days,” Johnson said. “She had given me a gift before, and there was no reason to treat me like anybody else. If anyone else was in that situation, they’d have to do 30 days as well.

And maybe for the last time on this blog (but probably not), here’s the reason why Johnson was sent to jail in the first place.

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