VIDEO: Dad brings young son to tears with news Steve Smith was cut

Gavin is not happy about the Panthers' decision to cut Steve Smith. (YouTube)
Gavin is not happy about the Panthers' decision to cut Steve Smith. (YouTube)

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Way to go, Dave Gettleman. Your decision to unceremoniously dump wide receiver Steve Smith, one of the best players in franchise history, not only left the team with a gaping hole on the depth chart (seriously, it's dire) but it also left one young fan so upset that he now hates everything about the Panthers.

Gavin's dad certainly isn't helping. But before you accuse him of playing on his son's emotions, know this: We have two small kids and victories -- even the little ones -- are almost impossible to come by. Whatever this man's motivations for making his son cry, we fully support him.

(We're sorta kidding. But not really. If you have kids, you're nodding knowingly right now.)

Upside: Gavin's sister couldn't be more excited about the prospects of cheering for Cam Newton ... who now has exactly no one to throw the ball to

All is not lost, however. Smith took to Twitter Sunday in search of Gavin:

* Via Matt Simone's YouTube channel by way of

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