VIDEO: Drake makes joke about Johnny Manziel doing drugs

Don't worry, Drake and Johnny Manziel are still best friends. (Instagram/@JManziel2)
Don't worry, Drake and Johnny Manziel are still best friends. (Instagram/@JManziel2)

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It's been a wild summer for Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel: He's been to Las Vegas twice, he rode an inflatable swan and he even partied with Justin Bieber.

The only thing that was really missing from Johnny Football's summer was someone making a joke on national television about Manziel doing mushrooms. 

You can check that off the list now. 

During Drake's opening monologue at the ESPYs on Wednesday, he covered that base while making a joke about Johnny Football.  

"I love me some Johnny Football. I do. But I worry about him sometimes," Drake said. "For example, right before I came out here [to host the show], I got a text from him asking if I wanted to do mushrooms and watch the ESPYs together tonight."

A drug joke was probably the last thing the Browns wanted to hear on ESPN after that whole 'Johnny rolling money in the bathroom while partying over the Fourth of July' thing. 

Anyway, Drake went on with his monologue, "Johnny, I hope you understand why I couldn't come. But I'm sure this looks amazing to you right now."

Manziel then got in on the act with a timely tweet he sent out during the monologue.  

The Browns probably loved that tweet. And by 'loved,' I mean hated.

Apparently, Johnny has a sense of humor though because on Thursday, he posted a picture on Instagram of him and Drake hanging out together. You can see it at the top of the page. 

There's also a third person in that photo and that third person is Kevin Durant. It's never smart to cut an NBA MVP out of a picture, so we'll go ahead and show you the full photo below.

You can see Drake's entire monologue underneath the photo. The Johnny Football joke starts at about the 1:50 mark.  

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