VIDEO: Hulk Hogan really likes Johnny Manziel

Hulk Hogan has a new favorite NFL player. (ESPN)
Hulk Hogan has a new favorite NFL player. (ESPN)

Johnny Manziel's Pro Day had everything on Thursday. There were 30 NFL teams, eight general managers, seven head coaches, a former president and Barbara Bush even brought her dogs because Manziel could get drafted by the Browns and dogs are Cleveland's mascot. 

That's not actually why she brought the dogs, but it's the theory I'm working with right now.

Anyway, what Manziel's Pro Day didn't have was a six-time WWE Champion. That's where Hulk Hogan comes in with this inspirational video. Hogan is such a Johnny Football fan that he calls him 'Johnny Mantell' at one point. Was it a slip of the tongue, or was Hogan really referring to 1977 AWA tag team champion Johnny Mantell? Hogan's been hit in the head a few times, so you can't rule anything out.  

Here's the Hulkster's video and yes, he was the first one to notice that Johnny Manziel has the 'heart of a lion.'

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