VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch asked what Beast Mode is, gives great answer

Marshawn Lynch wants to run through everyone. (NFL Network)
Marshawn Lynch wants to run through everyone. (NFL Network)

As you probably already know, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch doesn't like to talk to the media -- unless of course, the media consists of a former teammate.

Lynch recently granted an interview to former Seahawks teammate Michael Robinson, who now works as an analyst for NFL Network.

Because an interview with Lynch is harder to get than a one-on-one with the president, NFL Network has been releasing the interview in several parts. Over the weekend, Lynch talked about how the media might keep him out of the Hall of Fame.  

A new segment of the interview was released on Tuesday and in that segment, Lynch finally explains what Beast Mode is in the most Lynch way possible. 

"You're a private person, does that privacy embody what Beast Mode is?" Robinson asks Lynch.

"I feel like on that field, there's no reason I can't run through you," Lynch responds. "I know I'm gonna get got, but I'm going to get mine more than I get got."

The second part of that quote might sound a little weird, but it's a thousand percent better when you hear Lynch say it. 

Basically, he knows he's going to take a hit every time he touches the ball, but the defender is going to take a hit that's five times worse.

Lynch later finishes off the explanation of what Beast Mode is, "It's really just a mindset. The Beast Mode is just something that keep it going."

Lynch's interview is definitely worth checking out. Besides explaining what Beast Mode is, he also explains why a football team needs a strong running game and why he doesn't like talking to the media. 

"I ain't got nothing to say. I just want to play football."

That seems fair enough.

You can see the entire interview over at by clicking here

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