Last week, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was charged with driving under the influence when he was spotted asleep behind the wheel of his car in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Cardinals cut him a day later, and he was subsequently claimed by the New England Patriots.

TMZ Sports has unearthed what is clearly the video of Floyd's traffic stop and subsequent arrest. The video shows Floyd asleep behind the wheel of his car and unresponsive to attempts to wake him up. When officers do finally succeed in waking him, Floyd gives incoherent answers to several questions and is unable to follow instructions such as "turn off the car" and "keep your hands on the wheel."

Officers then turn the car off for Floyd and ask him to take a seat outside the vehicle. He appears completely unaware that he slept through two green lights, rolling his eyes at the suggestion.

One of the officers then asks Floyd where he is coming from, and Floyd responds that he came from his house and is on his way to pick up his nephew at the airport. When asked if he knows where he is, Floyd looks at a street sign and then gives a wrong answer anyway.

According to TMZ, which has more video of the traffic stop that has yet to be released, Floyd later told officers that he drank wine on the Cardinals' team flight from Miami to Arizona, but he gave different answers about exactly how much he drank. He was then arrested, and it was only during the arrest that the officers realized his identity as an NFL player for the Cardinals.