VIDEO: Tom Brady teaches the Easter Bunny football

(Video courtesy of YouTube)

If the Easter Bunny doesn't make to your house on Sunday, you might want to blame Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Brady recently filmed a series of ads with the gigantic rabbit and as you can see in the above video, Brady is not too enthusiastic about the Easter Bunny's ability to perform post-touchdown celebrations. 

The ads were put together by UnReal Candy, a company that produces all-natural candy. Yes, this means Brady doesn't limit his endorsement opportunities to just Uggs for men. Brady made a total of three video's with the Easter Bunny, you can see the other two here and here

Brady is quietly sneaking up on Peyton Manning for the award of 'future Hall-of-Fame quarterback who makes the most entertaining videos/commericals.'

Manning surged to the lead with his MasterCard commericals and 'Football Cops' informercial for DirecTV. However, Brady put himself back in the conversation last summer when he worked with Funny or Die to produce this amazing 3:07 ad for UnderArmour. 

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