Vikings announce first NFL-team-sponsored fundraiser focused on LGBTQ inclusion in sports

The Minnesota Vikings announced on Wednesday that they will become the first NFL team to host a summit and fundraiser focused exclusively on LGBTQ inclusion in sports. 

Per the team's press release, "The day-long summit will be held at TCO Performance Center on Thursday, June 21, and will focus on the critical importance of LGBTQ inclusion in sports. LGBTQ thought-leaders, athletes, coaches, team executives and members of the media will come together to share ideas and best practices through a series of panel discussions, interviews, and testimonials from LGBTQ athletes. "

The Vikings will hold panels focused on the role that allies of LGBTQ athletes can play in creating an inclusive environment, how coaches can create a positive, inclusive, and winning team environment, and how leaders can transform institutions to be fully inclusive of LGBTQ athletes. Also featured will be high-profile LGBTQ athletes sharing inspiring stories, challenges and observations on coming out, success in sports, and the work remaining to be done. 

Panelists include former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, former Olympian and LGBTQ activist Greg Louganis, two NFL league executives, and LGBT SportSafe co-founder Nevin Caple, among others. 

"I'm extremely excited to join the Vikings in making this significant event a reality," Kluwe said. "While it's a positive step forward for both the Vikings and the NFL, what's really critical is how we all use our platforms to improve people's lives. We've pulled together true leaders who can bring legitimate change through their respective organizations and our goal is to put together an event that can be replicated by teams and leagues moving forward."

In addition to the panels, there will be a reception that will raise funds for local and national LGBTQ organizations. 

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