The Vikings have a shiny, new (and bird-killing) stadium, which will host next year's Super Bowl. But if the Vikings have their way, U.S. Bank Stadium will host more than just the Super Bowl.

As first reported by Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, the Vikings applied in November to host the NFL Draft in 2022 or 2023. As Tomasson wrote in his story, the Vikings would hold the draft at their stadium and their new practice facility, which will be completed next March.

"We think, obviously, we have a great community, great hospitality, great hotels, restaurants," Vikings executive vice president Lester Bagley told the Pioneer Press. "We think it would be an ideal spot to host an NFL Draft."

This year's draft was held in Philadelphia while the previous two took place in Chicago. The NFL is clearly open to moving the draft around the country after sticking with New York for so many years.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, they might have some competition. The Texans have also expressed interest in hosting the draft in the future.

"We sent representatives to this year's draft in Philadelphia to get a full understanding of the league's requirements for hosting the NFL Draft," Texans president Jamey Rootes said last week, per the team's website. "This is an important step in preparing to bid.  Given the amazing job that our city did with Super Bowl 51, we are hopeful that the league will provide us an opportunity to bid on the NFL Draft at some point in the near future."    

And as the Texans' website also noted, 14 different cities submitted bids for the 2018 NFL Draft.

Furthermore, there's an argument to be made on behalf of Philadelphia becoming the new permanent location of the draft. As our Jared Dubin wrote:

I'll start here: I am a Dallas Cowboys fan (I have made very little attempt to hide that fact in this space), so I am not exactly predisposed to looking all that kindly upon the fine fans in the city of Philadelphia. Rivalries work that way. 

That said: THE DRAFT SHOULD BE HELD IN PHILADELPHIA EVERY YEAR BECAUSE THE PHILLY FANS BROUGHT IT THIS WEEKEND AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Even watching on TV, it was the best atmosphere I've seen at any draft in the 30 years I've been alive. 

I won't argue against that. For the record, though, I am not a Cowboys fan.