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Apparently, wearing purple to the Vikings-Eagles game on Sunday was basically the same thing as wearing a bullseye. 

In the aftermath of Philadelphia's 38-7 NFC title game win over Minnesota, several videos came out that showed what Vikings fans had to deal with during their trip to Lincoln Financial Field. In one video, Eagles fans were caught throwing cans and bottles full of beer at Vikings fans.

In another video, Eagles fans even went after the Vikings team bus, which got hit with multiple objects on its way out of the stadium. Eagles fans got so out of hand on Sunday that they allegedly even went after the family of Vikings quarterback Case Keenum

During an interview with KFAN radio in Minneapolis on Tuesday, Keenum didn't have anything complimentary to say about his family's experience in the city of Brotherly Love. 

"It was tough. I'm not gonna tell you any stories," Keenum said. "There were some situations that were not good."

Although Keenum didn't go into detail, he did say that he was thankful that he had a few extra friends at the game, who basically served as protection for his family.  

"I'm glad I had some of my friends there to intercede," Keenum said. "It was tough on everyone, not just us on the field."

Vikings receiver Adam Thielen was on the team bus that got pelted by Eagles fans, and he was shocked by what he saw

"I think that's kind of ridiculous for fans to be acting that way," Thielen said, via "I've heard some crazy things. You don't ever want to see that. Honestly, it's just a game. You love when fans are passionate about their team and stuff like that. When it starts crossing the line, I think that's ridiculous."

if Thielen had been sitting in the stands, he said he definitely wouldn't have been looking to pick any fights. 

"You have to be the better person and walk away from those situations and try to lead by example and show people how it should be done," Thielen said. 

It appears that a few Eagles fans definitely feel bad about what happened. Several fans in Philadelphia have been donating money to the charity of Vikings coach Mike Zimmer as a way to apologize for the actions of some of the rowdier fans. So far, a total of $7,000 has been raised. 

Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon had an inkling of what might happen during the NFC title game, and that's because he's played in Philadelphia before.   

"We played there last season. That stadium is crazy. Those fans are crazy. … If that's what they do, that's what they do," McKinnon said. "They just have to know, if they're going to give it, they're going to have to receive it eventually. It all comes full circle."

Speaking of full circle, it seems that some Vikings fans will be out for revenge this week, but since this is Minnesota, it will be a polite, non-violent revenge. Vikings fans are trying to get Uber drivers in Minneapolis to drop Eagles fans off at a location that they didn't request. 

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