Vikings' GM: Inappropriate for Greg Olsen to be broadcaster for Vikings game

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen is still on injured reserve, but could be ready to play in the Panthers' Week 12 game against the Jets. In the meantime, with the Panthers enjoying a Week 11 bye, Olsen will join the Fox broadcasting crew to help commentate the Rams-Vikings game on Sunday. 

That sounds like fun right? We get to watch one of the best games of the season between two 7-2 teams while Olsen, one of the game's best players, gives us insight into the game. 

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman doesn't think so. 

On Tuesday, Spielman told NFL Network's Tom Pelissero that he objected to the idea of Olsen being a broadcaster for the Vikings' game, calling it inappropriate. The issue? The Vikings play the Panthers in Week 14 and they could be worried about Olsen getting too much pre-game access.

The Vikings requested that Olsen be moved to a different game. That request was rejected.

Through a statement, Fox made it clear that they'll limit Olsen's access.

"We are excited for the opportunity to make this Sunday's broadcast fun and insightful with Pro Bowler Greg Olsen. We fully respect the Vikings' concerns and will limit the amount of pre-game access allowed to Greg. We look forward to welcoming him in the broadcast booth and giving viewers a unique perspective this Sunday."

This all seems a little overblown. As long as Olsen isn't given access, there's no issue with him talking about a football game on TV. It's not like the Panthers hatched a secret operation for Olsen to land on injured reserve so that he could join Fox's broadcasting team for one week so that he can steal vital and sensitive information from the Vikings, which will help the Panthers defeat them a few weeks from now. 

The only thing missing from this controversy? Panthers fans getting mad at Olsen for being a #distraction this week instead of fully preparing for his return.

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