Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a concussion on a late hit from a Rams defender Sunday and Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer is not happy about it. 

Like, not happy to the point where he's unloading on the Rams defensive players for what he agreed was a "cheap shot." 

Bridgewater took an elbow to the helmet 

Speaking with the media after the game, Zimmer didn't hold much back, saying he agreed the Rams crossed the line defensively and the play on Bridgewater was "a cheap shot."

"No I won’t elaborate but yes I do [feel it’s a cheap shot],” Zimmer said. 

Zimmer's apparently not muy simpatico with the Rams coaching staff: he said he "didn't have much to say" to Jeff Fisher and pointed out the "history" with Gregg Williams (at the center of BountyGate with the Saints).

“There’s a history there of their defensive coordinator … I’ll leave it at that,” Zimmer said. 

The best way to describe his feelings? Zimmer said the two sides would've thrown down if they hadn't been at work.

“I would say if we were on the street we probably would’ve had a fight,” Zimmer said. 

Vikings lineman Matt Kalil echoed similar sentiments about the Rams defense, calling another play on Bridgewater a "cheap shot" as well.

The Vikings are in first place and Bridgewater appears to be OK despite the concussion.

For his part, LaMarcus Joyner claimed he didn't mean the put a dirty hit on Bridgewater with his elbow.

"I know the guy. I grew up across the railroad tracks from him. My mom knows his mom. My dad knows his mom,” Joyner said. “I would never intentionally do a dirty play like that on Teddy Bridgewater. It was a bam-bam play. He’s a taller in stature guy compared to me. I did not know he was [planning] to slide when I launched. He slid and we connected. If I could take it back, personally, I would take it back because I’m not a dirty player." 

Teddy got hit hard Sunday. (via NFL on Fox)