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It's not often that a game lives up to the hype, but that's definitely what happened on Sunday in Buffalo. Going into Week 10, Vikings-Bills was expected to be the most exciting game of the week and not only did we get that, but the game also threw in a dash of crazy with a side of insanity. 

The Vikings' shocking 33-30 overtime win against the Bills had a ton of huge plays, so we decided to rank them. Here are the five biggest plays of the game, and to be honest, we probably could have made a top-20 list, but we had to cut this thing off somewhere. 

5. Dalvin Cook goes 81 yards for a TD

You know a game was crazy when an 81-yard touchdown run barely cracks the top five for best plays, but that's the case here. With the Vikings trailing 27-10 in the third quarter, Cook spearheaded Minnesota's improbable comeback with this run, which came on a first-and-10 play in the third quarter: 

If you're wondering why this qualifies as crazy, it's because it was the second-longest scoring play by ANY team in the NFL this year. The only longer play this season came back in Week 5 when Josh Allen hit Gabe Davis for a 98-yard touchdown. The scoring rush was the longest run of Cook's career and the longest rushing TD by any Vikings player since 2012. More importantly, the run cut Buffalo's lead to 27-17 and put the Vikings within striking distance of a possible upset win. 

4. Patrick Peterson picks off Josh Allen twice

The 32-year-old corner proved in this game that he still has it. Peterson picked off Josh Allen twice, and both of them came in huge situations. The first pick came after the Bills had driven all the way down to Minnesota's 7-yard line. On a fourth-and-2, Sean McDermott could have sent out the field goal team, but instead, he decided to go for it, and that's when this happened: 

Peterson's 39-yard return gave the Vikings decent field position and they were able to capitalize 13 plays later with a touchdown that cut the lead to 27-23. 

Peterson's second pick, which is the one we're officially putting on our top-five list, was a game-winner that came in overtime. With the Vikings up 33-30, the Bills knew that a touchdown would win the game, but they didn't get the touchdown, thanks to Peterson: 

That interception ended the game and gave Minnesota the stunning win. This marked the first time since November 2014 that Peterson had two picks in the same game and just the third time in his career. 

3. Controversial Gabe Davis catch

After the Vikings took a 30-27 lead with just 48 seconds left, it appeared the Bills were done, but nope. Buffalo was able to force overtime after Josh Allen engineered a 69-yard scoring drive in just 39 seconds. The biggest play of the drive came on a 20-yard pass to Gabe Davis that officially put the Bills in field-goal range: 

The only problem is that Davis didn't actually make the catch. 

The ball clearly moved as Davis was going to the ground and the NFL even admitted after the game that it should have been ruled incomplete. However, the Vikings couldn't challenge the play since there was under two minutes left in the game. At that point, a play can only be reviewed if the replay booth initiates it, but the replay booth decided not to stop the game, and the catch ended up standing. 

If the Bills had won this game, Vikings fans might have set NFL headquarters on fire over this missed call. 

2. Justin Jefferson makes insane catch

In any other game, this would be the only thing that people would be talking about afterward, but in this game, it didn't even crack the top of our "craziest plays" list. 

With two minutes left to play, the Vikings were facing a fourth-and-18 and since they were trailing 27-23, they had no choice but to go for it. The plan for the play was pretty simple: Kirk Cousins decided to throw it up to Justin Jefferson and pray. The prayers clearly worked because Jefferson ended up coming down with one of the most spectacular catches in NFL history. 

It's almost impossible to do this catch justice with words, so let's just watch it. 

The is a one-handed grab on fourth down that gave the Vikings new life. Hopefully, you don't ever get tired of watching that play because it's probably going to be shown thousands of times per year as long as Jefferson is in the NFL. Overall, Jefferson caught 10 passes in the game for 193 yards and a touchdown. 

The big play from Jefferson indirectly leads to the top play on our list. 

1. Josh Allen improbable fumble at the one-yard line

Although Jefferson came up with the big play, the Vikings actually came up empty on their drive. On fourth-and-goal from the Bills' one-yard line, Kirk Cousins got stuffed on a QB sneak. With just 49 seconds left to play and the Vikings down to one timeout, all the Bills had to do was gain ONE INCH and they could have ended the game, but instead, the impossible happened. 

Allen was going to run a QB sneak, but he never got to attempt it because he bobbled the snap from center Mitch Morse

After Allen bobbled it, Eric Kendricks came up with it in the end zone to give the Vikings the improbable touchdown. The miracle score put Minnesota up 30-27 in a game that it would eventually win in overtime.

This game truly was an instant classic and these are just five of the plays that made it so great.