Vince Young takes a page out of Trump's playbook with trademark application

If you want to make a comeback these days, you have to have a good catchphrase, and apparently, Vince Young knows that. The former first-round pick has already filed for federal trademark rights to a catchphrase he took straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook. 

The phrase?

“Make Vince Great Again.”

If you followed the presidential election at all in 2016, and I’m guessing you did because it was impossible to avoid, then you probably already know that Trump’s slogan was, “Make America Great Again.”

If Young’s comeback goes anything like Trump’s campaign, it’s going to be complete circus for five months, but then he’s going to sign with an NFL team and then lead that team to an improbable Super Bowl win. 

And if Vince Young has any contact with Vladimir Putin afterward, the Russian leader could possibly get a second Super Bowl ring out of this. 

OK, but seriously, can Young really make a comeback at age 33?

He might not make it back to the NFL, but he definitely seems serious about playing football again. 

Young, who was the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, has already hired an agent, and that agent is already talking to CFL teams about a potential workout. 

If Young’s going to make it back to the NFL, which is a longshot, he’ll almost definitely have to prove himself somewhere else first, so the CFL makes perfect sense for him. 

Young hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2011, when he went 1-2 as a starter for the Eagles. After being selected by the Titans in 2006, Young spent five seasons with Tennessee before moving on to Philly. 

During his time with the Titans, Young went to two Pro Bowls (2006, 2009) and was named the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

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