Vince Young: 'You could never say that I wasn't a hard worker'

Young says you can't question his work ethic or his leadership skills. (Getty Images)
The same week that likely first-round pick Geno Smith had his committment to football questioned by Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Nawrocki, former first-rounder Vince Young spoke publicly about the misconceptions concerning his work ethic.

“You could never say that I wasn’t a hard worker, leading the team, doing all these things that they said I’m not doing,” Young said during an appearance on ESPN (via PFT).

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Young was the third player taken in the 2006 draft and spent five years in Tennessee as the on-again, off-again starter before serving as Michael Vick's backup in Philly in 2011. The Bills released Young before the 2012 season and now he's looking to get another shot.

“And that’s what kills me when I’m out here working extremely hard every summertime and don’t get the opportunity to shine like most guys have had," Young continued. "I just want a lot of people to understand that I have been through a lot in my life, in my 29 years, and I have owned up to it. I’ve made my mistakes. But I just really feel like people can get past that and let me finish my career like I want it to be and be a great asset for a football team.”

Physically, Young is certainly capable of being an NFL backup. Unfortunately, both above-the-neck and off-field issues make teams wary.

Still, Young has a supporter in Donovan McNabb, who thinks the former Texas Longhorns star deserves a second chance.

"Give him an opportunity to get back on his feet and also get himself established in this league," McNabb said last week. "He was able to apologize to [coach Jeff] Fisher and move on with his life. Give him an opportunity, bring him into camp and show his talents once again. He did it at the Texas Pro Day [Tuesday]. Obviously, a lot of eyes were focused on him. He was able to elevate and show he is still working hard to get back to be an elite quarterback."

McNabb's glowing recommendation aside, Young faces long odds for another chance at NFL redemption.

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