Virginia DMV investigating 'F RG3' license plate

The Virginia DMV is investigating an 'F RG3' license plate.
The Virginia DMV is investigating an 'F RG3' license plate. (Via @andy_boothe)

You can find some pretty zany vanity license plates out there. One Cowboys fan living in Virginia got real creative, purchasing an 'F RG3' Virginia license plate. The "RG3" stands for "Robert Griffin III." I'll let you figure out what the F is for. That might not fly with the DMV though.

But a determined Redskins fan wasn't going to let him get away with it, snagged a picture of it on the highway and tweeted it to the team, the Washington Post ... and the Virginia DMV.

Pretty funny, right? It gets better: the DMV responded.

So now the DMV's involved, and they might pay the price. That Twitter account is getting hammered by Cowboys fans accusing them of favoritism by not removing an "F Romo" plate that's hanging around the state.

Definitely stinks for the Cowboys fan who is going to lose the plate, but it's still reason No. 35,468 that the Internet is awesome.

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