Von Miller, Aldon Smith, Marcel Dareus discussed pulling a Miami Heat

When the Miami Heat in their current iteration was formed, the free-agency teaming of LeBron James and Chris Bosh with current Heat superstar Dwyane Wade drew lots of criticism. It resulted in tons of media attention. And it also eventually resulted in a title.

There's a trio of players in the NFL -- Von Miller, Aldon Smith and Marcell Dareus -- who have discussed pulling off something similar.

"Me, Marcell Dareus and Aldon Smith, we talked about doing the whole LeBron, Wade and Bosh thing," Miller told Lindsay Jones of USA Today. "We talked about doing that somewhere down the line."

There are so many ways that these guys aren't LeBron/Wade/Bosh it's not even funny. In fact, it's plain stupid if they think this is real. But let's break down a couple.

Freedom: the NFL doesn't afford it. Whereas LeBron could simply refuse to negotiate a new contract and eventually hit the free-agent market, NFL teams have franchise tags they can hit players with. Plus, since injuries are more prevalent and guaranteed money is harder to get, NFL players are a lot less likely to hold out and wait for free agency.

Talent: these guys don't have enough. Having Smith and Miller and Dareus on your defense would be awesome ... but you absolutely wouldn't be guaranteed a title. You still need, um, offense. Congrats on sacking the other quarterback, but it's not worth much if you can't score and/or aren't guaranteed to have a talented secondary behind you.

Resources: it would be a waste of them. You need 22 players to fill out a starting lineup on both side of the ball in football. In basketball, you only need five -- so using 3/4 of your salary cap on 3/5 of your players isn't something prohibitive. But using a substantial section of your cap space on three defensive players? That'll kill you.

If you want a good example of a stars and scrubs setup in the NFL, look at the Lions. They have Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh who take up a significant amount of cap, especially when paired with Cliff Avril's franchise tag number. The Lions, however, don't have a great offensive line, have a horrible secondary and need a better running game.

How's that working out for them right now?

Miller was probably just joking when he made the comment, and it's fine to laugh at the notion, but anyone who takes this seriously doesn't understand the way to build an NFL roster.

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