If you've ever wondered why they call Peyton Manning 'The Sheriff,' Von Miller might have the answer: because the quarterback loves to lay down the law.

As you probably noticed throughout his 18-year career, Manning takes football pretty seriously.

I mean, let's be real -- there aren't many guys out there who study the playbook while rehabbing their left foot in a hot tub.

Manning was also famous for keeping his receivers after practice for a few extra hours so that they could work on their timing. Manning was a stickler for timing.

Basically, when Manning's playing football, he means business, and when he means business, he's not going to let anything become a distraction, not even Von Miller.

The Broncos linebacker was recently featured in a lengthy Sports Illustrated profile, and one of the stories he shared had to do with Manning's maniacal game preparation.

During the Broncos' first Super Bowl season with Manning in 2013, things got pretty heated on a road trip late in the season. In Week 16, the 11-3 Broncos traveled to Houston after coming off a Week 15 loss to the Chargers. As you can probably imagine, being around Manning after a loss is no fun.

Well, just because Manning doesn't want to have fun doesn't mean other players don't want to have fun. During the Houston trip, Miller and several teammates went out clubbing the night before the game.

The players who went to the club ended up missing curfew, and that's when things got ugly with Manning. The quarterback wanted everyone sent home. Apparently, they don't call Manning 'The Sheriff' for nothing.

From the SI piece:

"The night before the game, out clubbing with a handful of teammates, Miller broke curfew. Coach John Fox found out and screamed at the revelers in a team meeting. Manning, Miller says, suggested that the coach send them home on the next flight."

Although Manning wanted the offenders sent home, Fox decided to keep them around.

Miller probably wishes he had been sent home though: During the 37-13 win, the linebacker ended up tearing his ACL, which means he didn't get to play in Super Bowl XLVIII.