Von Miller: 'I don't have a substance-abuse problem'

Von Miller says he doesn't 'have a substance-abuse problem.
Von Miller says he doesn't 'have a substance-abuse problem. (USATSI)

Remember when Von Miller was suspended for six games and the Broncos might be in trouble? Yeah that second part never happened. Denver went 6-0 during Miller's suspension and never skipped a beat.

So it probably feels like it went by really fast. Just don't tell Miller that. The linebacker, speaking with the Denver Post, said the suspension crawled by.

"It hasn't gone by fast, though," Miller said. "A lot of people have said it went by fast. It hasn't. It wasn't easy. And I don't want to get away from that. I want to stay with that focus that it's not easy."

Miller's suspension drew heavy scrutiny not just because he's one of the top defensive players in the league but also because Miller attempted to corrupt the drug-test program.

But Miller wants to make sure people know he doesn't "have a substance-abuse problem."

"I don't have a substance-abuse problem," Miller said. "I feel like I've definitely made some mistakes in the past. I can't shy away from that. But I'm working hard to fix it. I'm working hard to gain everybody's trust back. All I can ask is people judge me from my actions going forward. I'm working hard to gain trust back. I'm very confident I'll be able to do that."

Miller says that he has a prescription to Adderall for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which he's had since his freshman year in college at Texas A&M. That's why his suspension wasn't for substance abuse (though he did test positive for marijuana in 2011 as a rookie).

And the linebacker might actually be better on the field, claiming he's "still quick" and that he's lost two percent of his body fat over the past six weeks while also noting he's "in a very good place" emotionally speaking.

"I still move like a wildcat," Miller said. "I'm still quick. I'm still going to cover guys. I'm in the best shape of my life. Emotionally I'm in a very good place. Nutrition, I've stepped it up. Usually during the season you get away from it because everything is moving so fast."

What really matters for Miller is stepping up and playing well on the field at this point (he's got to stay clean off the field as well). But it's good that he's looking forward and isn't trying to "defend" what he did.

"I can't go back and defend something that was in the past. I've already served my suspension. I've already started to do everything to keep forward," Miller said "I apologize for all the troubles or pain I've given Broncos fans or anybody who is close to me. Nobody feels worse about this than me. The good thing about it is I have an opportunity to fix all this stuff."

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