Von Miller: Kirk Cousins would make the Broncos Super Bowl contenders

The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes are officially in full swing. While the Vikings and Jets are reportedly the frontrunners to land Cousins' services this offseason, that has not stopped players from other suitors from recruiting him to their cities. Cousins recently ran into the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald at the airport, for example, and noted that Fitz is a GREAT recruiter. 

One of the players doing the most recruiting is the Broncos' Von Miller. In late January, Miller said that Cousins could take the Broncos "over the edge" if he signed in Denver. In February, Miller began hounding Cousins on Twitter and Instagram with comments showing how much the two players have in common. 

On Tuesday, Miller stepped up his game. 

"He's just that type of player," Miller said of Cousins during an appearance on ESPN's First Takeper the Denver Post. "He not only would be a difference-maker to my team, but any team he goes to in the National Football League. It's an instant upgrade, leadership, he can throw and make all the passes on the field. So, yeah, when you get a guy like that, you're automatically in Super Bowl contention."

He's not the only Bronco getting in on the action, either. Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders took to Twitter to show his support of the idea of bringing Cousins to the "sunshine state." (Yes, I know. Just watch the video.) 

The Broncos would have to do some salary-cap maneuvering in order to bring Cousins in on a reasonable deal, given that they only have around $24 million in space at this point, per Spotrac. There are several cap-creating moves available to them, including the rumored cutting of ties with Aqib Talib, which could add around $11 million to their ledger. The Broncos seem unlikely to make those kinds of moves unless they get Cousins to agree to a deal first, though, and we're going to have to wait to see whether that can be accomplished. 

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