Von Miller on appealed suspension: 'I know I did nothing wrong'

Von Miller on his suspension:
Von Miller on his suspension: 'I know I did nothing wrong.' (USATSI)

The NFL world got shocking news Monday morning when it was reported that Broncos superstar linebacker Von Miller was facing a possible four-game suspension for violating NFL policy. Not helping matters was the additional report that Miller failed a drug test during his rookie season.

Miller responded Monday afternoon, denying he did anything wrong.

Whether or not the resolution of this matter will end up being "fair" (at least from Miller's point of view) remains to be seen. But we can confirm a few things, via NFLPA spokesman George Atallah. One, that Miller was suspended. Two, that the union is in the process of helping Miller "appeal his suspension." And three, that the players association isn't very happy about news of the reported suspension becoming public.

The issue here, if you're the NFLPA, is this: If Miller won his appeal, there wouldn't be any news of it. The NFL won't announce when a player wins an appeal, only if they lose the appeal and are actually suspended.

From Miller's perspective, it would stink to have people know you were suspended if it ends up being rescinded. (Say whatever you want about the process, the actual suspension itself is a bad look.) That's probably why Atallah also confirmed, via Twitter, that Miller wasn't suspended for performance enhancing drugs.

That's at least some good news for Miller, as he won't have the stigma of performance-enhancing drugs attached to his name.

The bad news is he's clearly got a public-relations mess on his hands at the moment and even if things are resolved in Miller's favor, it's not going to be the most fun thing in the world to deal with.

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