Von Miller on 'ROME': Peyton Manning looks like the guy 'we're used to seeing'

Miller told Rome Peyton's looking good. (CBSSports.com)

It's going to be a while before any defensive opponents actually get to see Peyton Manning line up, take snaps and figure out how close he'll be to the Hall-of-Fame guy who played in Indianapolis.

So for the time being we'll have to take the word of his fellow Broncos teammates. Fortunately, Defensive Rookie of the Year Von Miller appeared on CBS Sports Network's "ROME" Monday to fill us in on how Manning looks. And Miller said he looks like, well, Peyton Manning.

"In my opinion he looks great," Miller said. "He looks like the Peyton Manning that we're used to seeing. And I'm looking forward to getting out there on Sundays and working together to get some of these wins."

Rome had specifically asked Miller if Manning would look like the same guy as he did in Indy and Miller not only didn't hesitate, he seemed pretty adamant that Manning's back.

"I expect him to be ... just Peyton Manning," Miller said. "If he can be Peyton Manning we'll be alright."

On a totally unrelated note, Rome asked Miller about the glasses he's always sporting, since they've become the fashion du jour in the NBA finals.

"In my opinion I think I took it to another level and it's great seeing guys wearing glasses and stuff," Miller said. "It's not just my look, it's a swag that few can embrace."

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